...bass player (yeah the most expendable member of the band) Chris BAIO records a song called "Shame In My Name" seemingly in response to the fact that he just so happens to have the same last name as American icon, and outspoken celebrity Trump supporter Scott BAIO! Ironically the only thing Chris BAIO seems to have going for him is the fact that his last name is BAIO! In fact we can't even remember his first name long enough to add it to the end of this post! Oh yeah CHRIS! I guess it's a good thing that Chris BAIO's last name isn't WOODS! Who's next? Keith RICHARDS writes a ditty about Denise RICHARDS? Even though Chris BAIO may be a distant cousin to the former teen heartthrob, it's abundantly apparent he didn't inherent the "family genes" so to speak. This may be the most desperate and embarrassing PR gimmick of the year.NewsBlurt




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